Every image needs its own life, to be seen and not just glanced at. To be taken in and to inspire thought.

My work is Fine Art and Commercial, including sub genres such as; Architecture, Fashion, Portraiture and Still Life/Product photography.




I formally studied pre digital Photography 17 years ago, at Photographic Studies College in Melbourne. Every bit of that knowledge has been refined to this day and applied throughout my work. I continue to use both Film and Digital, in various formats for a variety of output results.

I am committed to problem solving so as to bring ideas, concepts and dreams into still imaging reality. Im also committed to giving my images intrigue whenever possible, enabling viewers to use their own perception which then gives each image its own unique life regardless of its genre.

All final output is always produced in the highest quality manageable, using where applicable the highest quality imaging devices possible but also never accepting second best, even if this means many more hours work are needed.

Working with Me

I work on location at a place of my client's choosing, wether this be a studio, or their place of work. This makes sure anyone working me is comfortable yet also keeps my work fresh each time. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to request a quote.

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